Friday, 23 September 2011

Depussy - Helping the victims of the Japanese Tsunami

Le Chat Noir

Two Bad Mice were approached by a international concert Japanese pianist who wanted something to sell after her concerts to raise money for the victims of the Japanese Tsunami.  The pianist, Noriko Ogawa, is famous for her recordings of Debussy music, she also has a black cat which she loves dearly.  By chance Debussy also had a strong relationship with a black cat.  For this reason Noriko requested that the cards should contain a black cat and piano.

In 1881, an impresario called Rodolphe Salis, who delighted in being rude and embarrassing his guests, opened a cabaret house (literally entertainment house) in seedy premises in the Monmartre district of Paris. Le Chat Noir was the first place to provide a bar with a piano and entertainment.  The club quickly became a platform for entertainers to draw large crowds, including their artistic friends. Within three years the club had moved to a sumptuous new location where the most avant-guarde Parisian artists of the day gathered and mixed with their rich clients. Amongst the famous musicians to be found there were Claude Debussy and Eric Satie.
Le Chat Noir is also remembered for its house journal, poster art by Théophile Steinlen and touring theatre company. The club closed soon after the owner’s death in 1897.

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